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Thank you for visiting the website of UAB Electrorecycling Services (ERS). We hope you get a first impression of our company and you are welcome to get in touch for any query you may have.


UAB Electrorecycling Services is coorperating with a group of international operating companies from various sectors, such as recycling , production of new technical equipment, processing of raw materials, research and many more.


Our commercial success is built on equaly important pilars: environmeantal awareness, trained staff, a safe working environment and ongoing implementation of the latest scientific results in our processes.


On the first glance Recycling and High End Technology might look to be a world apart, but in fact they are going hand in hand. The philosophy of globalization in economy, politics, high technology and internet open up opportunities and make possible what appeared to be impossible.


All of these are relying on electronic utilities. Systems and applications become more and more sophisticated, but the basic is still the same, such as power managements for all the utilities, transmitting applications via GSM net and display for control and all the basic building block: the electronic components.


Consequently ERS is working with clients from all over the world who are specialized in various fields: in making data transmitting devices for its instruments, advertising applications for taxi and solar power applications.









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